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"I have spent many years looking forward to seeing Marina on a regular basis. I presented to Marina with very dry skin, pores larger than I would have liked and thin skin that had no life to it. After having followed Marina's instruction and using her products, I can say that today I am extremely happy with the results. Marina is totally dedicated to her clients and she tailor's her instruction with great knowledge and kindness. Although it is difficult to choose a favorite, my newest "I can't do without" product is the Liquid Gem. . It is amazing. My skin feels silky smooth and it gives me a glow that makes me look and feel younger. Thank you, Marina.. see you soon!!"

Linda, Lloyd Harbor


"I have been using Oridel products for many years now. At first, I replaced my daily moisturizer with Oridel Silk Moisturizing Cream. It makes my skin feel soft, smooth, and hydrated but NOT greasy. It also has a lovely fragrance. I was so happy with the results, that I started replacing my other skin care products with the Oridel version. I love the Green Tea Moisturizing Sun Screen, Foaming Facial Cleanser, Green Tea Supercharger Antioxidant Serum, and Oscar Night Rejuvenating Treatment. My skin looks and feels so wonderful now, I couldn't be happier."

Debbie Farino


"Every time someone tells me that my skin is “glowing” I think a little bell must ring somewhere for Marina. It is because of her expertise, guidance and thoroughness that I have attained and maintained a beautiful complexion. Marina’s knowledge has helped me to become aware of how to take really good care of myself. Her products are comprised of meticulously researched formulas of natural, healthy ingredients. My skin seems to crave them and when applied according to Marina’s instructions it responds with amazing results. I especially love the Green Tea Supercharger and Liquid Gem in combination: fine lines just disappear. I so look forward to my facials with Marina, not only because of the way I look but also for the cutting edge information I receive about achieving optimal benefits for the health and well-being of my skin. The minute I stretch out for the treatment the enchanting view of Marina’s garden and the soothing touch of her hands work their magic. I always know I am in for a treat."



"I have been battling rosacea for years. At times it was so severe and I was so embarrassed by my complexion that it was difficult to just leave the house. Once I started using Liquid Gem it was almost instantly that I began to see dramatic results. Not only do I feel great about my clear skin, but also I get numerous compliments from family, friends and business associates, all asking, “what I had done.” That is how much better my skin looks! The texture and appearance are radiant and wonderful! My daughter experienced very serious burns on a major portion of her body and she too benefited from using Liquid Gem. Even the multiple dermatologists we visited were extremely impressed with how much Liquid Gem had aided in her healing process."

Stephanie D. East Northport, NY


"I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to first let you know that I am so grateful to my friend for referring me to you because my skin has never looked better since having your facials and using your products. As you know, there is so much information in magazines and books about 'the best skincare" for helping women to look their best, and having someone as knowledgeable as you to work on my skin continues to be a great experience. However, the real reason I am writing to you is to brag about the "liquid gem" oil that I bought from you. It has helped my face to both feel and look moisturized throughout this bitter cold winter we have been having, and it's a wonderful addition to my regimen in the morning after I have used my Retin-A the night before. As you know, the Retin-A can be drying and make the skin flaky. Well each winter season I cope with uncomfortable (and embarassing!) patches of eczema on my nipple area, and while I have used doctor prescribed creams on the area for many years, it never completely goes away. So I decided one morning to use the "liquid gem" on the nipple area and I noticed throughout the day that it made the itchiness stop! Well after two days of using the "liguid gem" both morning and night on the nipple area, the eczema was GONE!!!!!!! Well Marina to say the least I will never be without your 'liquid gem" which really should be called "miracle oil!" I have tried countless moisturizers, vaseline, and vitamin e oil to no avail. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a wonderful product that I will forever use on my face and any eczema patches that I develop. I completely trust your products 100 percent and am so grateful to have found such a nice person who is an excellent esthetician who brings only quality information and products to her clients."

Joanna, New York


"Oridel Silk is the best moisturizing lotion I have ever used. Goes on smoothly, soaks in quickly and makes the skin refreshed without a strong fragrance. I even recommend it for my patients because of the healing properties of Sea Buckhorn. Thank you Marina for a great product."

Dr. Alexander Melman, MD FACS


"I have been using Liquid Gem for a few months now. It is truly a gem of a moisturizer. I saw right away how it effects your skin by leaving it longer hydrated and soft between applications. The really great surprise was the anti-inflammatory qualities Liquid Gem has. I have been troubled by some Rosacea on my face for years. My dermatologist always prescribed Metrogel , but it always left my skin dry and flaky. Since I started applying Liquid Gem, my skin started calming down within a few weeks. The change is remarkable , hardly any more outbreaks of Rosacea. My skin is much smoother and clearer, even my friends have commented on it. With only a few drops that I apply to my face morning and night, it has had wonderful healing benefits."

Karin Fiore, Huntington, NY


"After having tried many skin care products and moisturizers through the years, only the Oridel Day and Night creams have consistently left my skin soft and luminous, no matter what the season or circumstance. My friends now use the products as well, so I guess "seeing is believing" holds true for these products."

Theresa, Centerport, NY


"I have a condition called keratosis pilaris - problem skin on the back of the arms. Saw numerous dermatologists (including the Best of Boston) always to get the same answer: “Nothing can be done”. I tried various scrubs by “Fresh”, “Neutrogena” etc. as well as number of creams and lotions prescribed by the dermatologists (don’t remember the names). Nothing worked. I first tried the Oridel "Summer Skin" - Anti-Cellulite Glycolic Body Scrub - during summer of 2009 and was shocked to see the difference this product made for my skin. My arms felt smooth and silky first time in years! I honestly could not believe my eyes. This scrub is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about their skin. I am planning to try other products by the Oridel. If they are as good as the Body Scrub – I am hooked."

Florina Dorjets, Brookline, Massachusetts


"Dear Marina: Because I value your input when it comes to my face (which you have been taking care of for about 20 years) I started using your facial cleaners several months ago. It does not dry my face out. It cleans like soap but without the detergent. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my very favorite item, thus far, is your "Oscar Night" rejuvenating system. The glycolic acid cream (I use it everyday and it doesn't irritate my skin) and the mask, which I use twice a week has made such an enormous difference in my skin. Thank you, I always know that when you recommend these items you have used them on yourself and feel completely satisfied with the results. Keep them coming, Please!!!!!!!!"

Love, Olga


"Dear Marina, I use and have grown quite dependent on the Oridel Night Cream product. The Oridel line sounds exciting, and you can be sure I will be using it."



"I used to have many problems with my skin, from acne to oiliness to dryness. Since maintaining a monthly schedule of facials, and using Oridel's products daily, my skin glows like that of a much younger woman. My complexion is healthy, and I can go out with minimal make-up and still feel confident about my appearance. I have applied the "Oscar Night" Rejuvenating System twice a week for the past six weeks and the improvement in my skin is remarkable. Pores are smaller, break-outs are less frequent and facial lines have nearly disappeared. I am ready for Oscar Night every night."

Debra Landau
Dix Hills, NY


"Marina has been my aesthetician for over 15 years and her product line has made a wonderful difference in how my skin looks and feels. Most notably is her Oridel Night cream. Not only do I use it at night, I also use it during the day as well. My skin "drinks" it up and there is no oily or greasy residue. My skin feels and looks "dewy" and I will continue to use and recommend Marina's products with enthusiasm."

Mary Lundy
Owner NorthShore Pilates


"I have been using Oridel Velvet for approximately 3 years now. After trying so many other night creams I finally found one that is part of my regiment every night. It continues to keep my skin looking and feeling smooth and well balanced. It reduces any puffiness I may have. This can also be used as an eye cream, so eliminates another step for me. I love this product and it is one of the best finds."

Regards, Kay


"Over the years I have tried so many different skin products. I have used very expensive products that have promised an appearance of line reduction, smaller pores, hydration and exfoliation. But, no product I have tried has come through with those claims except for yours. Oridel "Silk" Cream is a true hydrating moisturizer. The feel when it goes on the skin is cool and fluid and the way it absorbs leaves the skin feeling full of hydration and not oil, ready for make up, smooth and firm. The fine lines and pores on my face have seriously appeared smaller, they feel and look so moisturized and plump that when I look in a magnification mirror, it is hard to see the pores that were once so predominant. There is no product that compares to Oridel. As an Esthetician, I am always looking for a product that offers superior exfoliation and firming and I found it in ORIDEL's "Oscar Night". This simple 2 step process is perfect for a busy woman like me always on the go. The application of "Oscar Night" is easy and the "peel off" finish of the masque leaves my skin tingling and firm. Oscar Night is a product I use 2 or 3 times a week, and the result is astonishing! My skin looks youthful and fresh and it feels smooth and silky. I would recommend Oridel to all of my clients with confidence. I also use Oscar Night as a treatment right before I go out to a party or special occasion. My skin looks firm and luminous...totally amazing!"

Terry Mariano
New York
Licensed Esthetician


"I just wanted to share with you how pleased I am with my Oridel SILK moisturizer. I'm packing it for a vacation right now & can't do without it. I love the creamy feel of it and more so, how my skin responds. My other favorite product, is the OSCAR NIGHT rejuvenating system. After the initial 6 week period, I continue to use it weekly. I feel that spots from years of sun exposure have faded since using it. My husband, who usually doesn't notice such things, comments on how my skin glows after a treatment. Thanks for providing me with these wonderful products."

Huntington, NY