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Meet Marina, Founder of Oridel®

marina.jpg Like the "little black dress" is the staple of any woman's wardrobe, her skin care products are the essentials needed to ensure a youthful and vivacious appearance. This is the philosophy behind the Oridel® line of cosmetic skin care products. Skin care expert Marina is the creator of the line and the founder of the company. By combining new technologies with old-world fundamentals, Marina's anti-aging product line delivers cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, toning, tightening and protective properties that will let you enjoy a youthful appearance and healthy looking skin.

"Every step in a skin care regimen must make sense," says Marina. "You may need the anti-inflammatory properties, the healing, the protection, or the restoration, or some combination. My line consists of essential products at an affordable price. It‘s not hundreds of products. That just confuses the consumer. Women, men, and teenagers can all benefit by choosing the product that works for them and being consistent with it."

Marina's path to skin care expertise

Born and raised in Russia Marina holds a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology and Special Education, both of which she obtained in St. Petersburg, Russia. At that time, there was also a requirement that students in her college obtain military nurse training in conjunction with their regular curriculum. While the completion of her courses in clinical psychiatry, anatomy, and physiology would serve her well as a speech pathologist and special education instructor, the military nurse training later became an essential element of her focus on skin care.

After Marina settled into her new life in Boston, Massachusetts, she had the opportunity to extend her education at Elisabeth Grady's "Face First," then one of the best skin care schools in the country. It was here that her medical training combined with her skin care education to create a successful career that has lasted nearly 30 years.

For more than two decades, Marina has been running a private skin care spa/clinic on Long Island, New York, having steadily created a large and loyal following. She managed to obtain this following because she not only uses her skin care expertise to help her clients, but also her training in psychology and health to bolster customers' emotional and psychological well-being. Marina truly cares about her clients, and it shows.

This illustrious career has culminated in the creation of Oridel®, a collection of potent anti-aging skin care products that are effective, versatile, easily understood, easy to use, and very affordable, incorporating among other things the restorative properties of Sea Buckthorn Oil, a traditional healing remedy used in Europe and Asia, with the latest technological advances for effective delivery systems, this new line offers the best possible care for a variety of skin types and conditions.

The Sea Buckthorn Oil connection

When Marina was 19 years old and still living in Russia, her grandfather was diagnosed with a serious skin condition that was generally considered untreatable. His doctors told her mother the only thing to do was to get some Sea Buckthorn Oil and apply it to his skin continually. Even then, Sea Buckhorn Oil was revered for its ability to heal wounds. Marina has always remembered the incident. Later, when she herself suffered severe burns while preparing for a New Year's Eve party, she remembered the wisdom of her mother and called her for some insight. Marina had a third degree burn to her forearm that extended above the elbow. This burn removed skin from both places and left unsightly scars. While discussing the problem with her mother, she was reminded of the almost mystical healing and restorative properties of Sea Buckthorn Oil, and sure enough, she made a quick recovery after using it on her wounds. Her skin healed beautifully and she has completely recovered. As a result, when Marina decided to start her own skin care line she included Sea Buckthorn Oil as one of several primary ingredients in order to offer her customers the best possible care for a variety of skin problems.

A holistic approach to skin care

Marina believes in a holistic integrated approach to skin care; utilizing not just the skin care regimen, but also diet, physical activities, and a positive outlook on life to help her clients bring more beauty into everyday living. She believes that treating the whole person, not just their skin, has been a vital part of her success.

"I believe an optimistic outlook is essential to finding beauty in all things," says Marina. "It is very important to bring beauty into your daily living. Whether you are making your home more inviting, your garden more attractive to both people and wildlife, or just serving elegant meals, I always strive to be surrounded by things I find beautiful, and my skin care line reflects these values."

This holistic approach has resulted in a skin care collection that combines natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as green tea, arnica, and sea buckthorn, natural oils of fruit and berry extracts, other protective components like CoQ10, to form an effective system that soothes and protects the skin from the damaging influences of modern living.

"Every step in a skin care regimen must make sense," says Marina. "You may need the anti-inflammatory properties, the healing, the protection, or the restoration, or some combination. My line consists of essential products at an affordable price. It‘s not hundreds of products. That just confuses the consumer. Women, men, and teenagers can all benefit by choosing the product that works for them and being consistent with it."

Marina's network of professionals support your beauty needs

Marina maintains a substantial network of dermatologists and plastic surgeons in order to keep up with the most recent advances and ensure that her skin care line will keep up with the times. She regularly attends trade shows and seminars to learn about and observe the latest procedures, treatments, techniques, and skin care equipment in order to be able to counsel her clients appropriately. Whether they simply need products for daily skin care, or are post-surgical, Marina's expertise helps them get back to their youthful glow as quickly as possible.

Her commitment to her clients, her self-discipline, networking with other skin care professionals, attention to detail, and education was the foundation of her method of combining the newest technologies with proven old-world natural and herbal cures.

Make Marina your skin care consultant too by choosing Oridel® products.

Facts About Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn has long been known to contain properties beneficial to the skin. The ancient Greeks, for example, noticed that the coats of their horses acquired a new luster when sea buckthorn was added to their diet, and named the responsible ingredient Hippophae, deriving from hippo (horse) and phaos (shine). Sea Buckthorn has been a traditional remedy in Europe and Asia, as well, and was likely first transported to America by Russian immigrants in the first decade of the 20th century.

Biological investigations suggest that the widely-acclaimed restorative properties of Sea Buckthorn are the likely result of a high content of fatty acids (nearly all unsaturated fat), vitamins A, C and E, and antioxidants (carotenoids, flavonoids, etc.), all of which have been shown to possess significant influence over the health of human skin.

Research conducted in China and Russia has shown that Sea Buckthron contains anti-inflammatory agents. Furthermore, its application can be responsible for pain relief, the promotion of tissue regeneration, antimicrobial defense, and protection against certain types of radiation. The following conditions can be treated or alleviated through the use of Sea Bukchtorn either in its pure form or as a creme base:

  •     premature aging
  •     removal of wrinkles and lines
  •     burns (including those caused by exposure to sun)
  •     eczema
  •     dryness or malnourishment of skin

As Prevention magazine noted in 1999, "Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) oil is commonly applied to the skin in China and Russia to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, promote tissue regeneration, and reduce age-induced skin wrinkling."

Oridel® is proud to present products that employ Sea Buckthorn oil, along with other protective ingredients. Used in concert, these products can provide around-the-clock protection for a variety of skin types. They are acceptable for male and female skin.